I love Gladtolink due to the simplicity of its design and the tremendous speed of implementation without having to program"

Christian Mödinger

Technology manager

When I met Gladtolink, I fell in love at first sight. I found just what I needed to complement the solution we offer. The SIMPLICITY of the design, its tremendous speed of implementation WITHOUT PROGRAMMING, its ADAPTABILITY to any need, the PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP of the entire support team, something essential to work at ease, the possibility of CONFIGURING different types of experiences…

In short, I consider that Gladtolink is the Transformation to Modernity.


It allows us to carry out express digitization projects"

Javier Olcina

Co-founder of GOLIVE and Director of Consulting

“As a consulting company with extensive experience in ERP implementations, we discovered a product that covers much more than we expected: no-code, 100% SAAS, document manager, all available on a smartphone instantly, plug & play, application developer… THIS IS GLADTOLINK!

We obtain results in a matter of days at a very low cost for companies."


Digitize in 3 clicks!"

Jonay Armendariz

Head of Innovation / Department of Innovation

“The platform allows simplifying processes in an easy and intuitive way. Digitization is easier than ever now, we just need to change the mindset of organizations."

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